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EPA Encases Town in Gigantic Glass Dome
Male Model Builds Center for Illiterate Children
Test Pilot Volunteers for Cryogenics Experiment
Man Steals Brother's Girlfriend at Family Reunion
Gym Employees Blackmail the CIA
Amateur Scientist Uses Weather Machine to Solve World Hunger
Limo Driver Returns Lost Briefcase to Woman in Aspen
Duo Travels Midwest to Save Auto Parts Factory
Rejected Hockey Player Transfers Skills to Golf Course
Pachyderm Uses Giant Ears to Fly
Madman Holds World Hostage for One Meellion Dollars
Men Dressed as Knights Arrested for Murder of Famous Historian
Doc Gunned Down by Libyan Nationalists
School's New Teacher is Narcotics Detective
Boxing Promoters Track Down Missing Diamond
Meaning of Man's Last Word Still Unclear
It's February 2nd... Again
Flying House Kills Woman; Town Rejoices
Con Men Devise Off-Track Betting Scheme to Win Money from Corrupt Banker
Man Seeking 6-Fingered Man for Revenge

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