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A cow says.
When I was a toddler, I ____ a lot of temper tantrums.
Fly, don't bother me.
An utterance of relief, astonishment, exhaustion. (Any, not all will be correct.)
Hefner's Christian name.
A cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife. The term was derived from this type of bird that lays its eggs in another bird's nest.
Johnny Cash sang of a boy named this but you want to avoid this litigious action.
A pokemon (as if that's not easy enough, he's #151). If you don't know, ask your cat.
Little Boy Blue DID this to his horn.
According to Black's Law dictionary, to establish is to create ____.
Turn over this type of leaf or start this type of ball game.
This substance, interestingly enough, is a surfactant. Much like soap, this substance removes oil from your hair.
The sound of a sneeze.
A british bathroom. Not a water closet.
Winnie the ____.
This short word is used for disgust.
The name of a board game where one attempts to solve a murder mystery or a word for hint.
Seven Jeans and this desirable type of Religion are two brands that The Black Eyed Peas sang of in My Humps.
Something assignments are, eventually.
A synonym for beer.
Another descriptive word for Elvis' 'Suede Shoes'.
Singluar for kicks or bapes or of Liam Sullivan's viral video in which he shops for these.
British word for line.
A vague number of Good Men.
Quintessentially, Eskimos live in these.
This number is just as lonely as one according to The Beatles.
H1N1, the Avian, Bird, and Swine are all types of this.
A characteristic of color.
The most popular type of this is probably beef. It's like a soup but people usually use a crock pot to make it.
Males of this animal are called bucks, boomers, or jacks while females are does, flyers, or jills. The kids, of course, are joeys.
Type of water craft Pocahontas might have used.
When lead singer of this band was a young boy, he played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton, he must have played them all.
A baby might say the rest of the title of this band's name that ends in Dolls.
A hooligan or an alternative to google.
In addition to.
When sampling the population, we use the Gallop Poll and this Research center. Alternately, sit on this in church.
A large amount or the past tense of slay.
Finish this phrase for a sudden decisive action in politics: '____ d'é⋅tat'.
Past tense of know.
Marvin Gaye heard it ______ the grapevine and Madonna made it ______ the wilderness.
A popular belief is that horses go to this type of factory when they die.
Ballerina's wear this.
Past tense of grow.
Napolean's downwfall.
People thought the yellow #5 in Mountain ___ lowered your sperm count.
To masticate or, as a noun, a tobacco product.
This is the sound a train makes according to a kid.
A collegiate sport with boats, oars, and a small person.
The pool 'stick' is also called this.
Nike says: Just __ it. Tiger really takes that advice to heart.
I don't practice Santeria but I do practice this other Africa nsyncretic religion.
The famous first line of Hamlet's soliloquy uses this small word twice.
An enemy's name in the Mario games or what someone says to scare you.
Ok Disney fans: 'When ___ wish upon a star, it makes no difference who ___ are'.
A catty talk show.
A synthetic animal environment. San Diego has one, so does LA. (And many more.)
A semi-circular type of nut.
A female four-legged barn yard animal.

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