Breaking Bad or Weeds

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Can you identify which is Breaking Bad and which is Weeds from the given clues?

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Clue'B'reaking Bad or 'W'eeds
Created by Jenji Kohan
Lacy LaPlante
'I'm the one who knocks!'
Walter White
Esteban Reyes, U-Turn, Tres Seis
Episode titled 'Su-Su-Sucio'
Breast Cancer
'Chris died for your sins!'
Brandon 'Badger' Mayhew, Peter 'Skinny Pete', Christian 'Combo' Ortega
Pontiac Aztec
Created by Vince Gilligan
D.E.A. Agent Peter Scottson
Clue'B'reaking Bad or 'W'eeds
Lung Cancer
308 Negra Arroyo Lane
Toyota Prius
Episode titled 'Peekaboo'
'I killed Pilar with a croquet mallet by the pool.'
Jane Margolis, Todd Alquist, Drew Sharp
'Better call Saul.'
Heylie James, Celia Hodes, Doug Wilson

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