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How many registered animagi have there been this century?
What is the strongest love potion in the world?
This charm causes a high pitched shriek to go off if someone enters the perimeter of the charm, as well as prevents the intruder from Apparating.
Where is a bezoar found?
Why can't you produce food out of thin air?
Which potion is used for interrogation?
How do you combat a grindylow?
Give the incantations in alphabetical order of the unforgivable curses.
The Ministry of Magic Decree of _______ prevented magical beings other than wizards and witches from carrying a wand.
What is the omen of DEATH?
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Give the incantation and wand movement required to make things fly.
How do you defeat a Kappa?
Which plant likes a dark environment and is 'binding?'
What do you get when you cross a manticore with a fire crab?
What is aconite?
What color is the baby unicorn?
What is the main side effect of the Elixir to Induce Euphoria?
Which star is nicknamed 'The Dog star'?
The skin of this venemous snake is used in the making of a polyjuice potion.
What does the ancient rune, 'Ehwaz,' mean?

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