Purple Rain

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LineAnswer# of Words
I never meant5
I never meant 5
I only wanted6
I only wanted8
purple rain2
purple rain2
purple rain2
I only want8
I never wanted5
I only wanted7
Baby I could 5
Its such a6
purple rain2
purple rain2
purple rain 2
I only want7
Honey I know7
Its time we all 5
and that means2
LineAnswer# of Words
You say you want2
but you cant6
I think you better 2
and let me guide you,4
purple rain2
purple rain2
If you know what5
come on 3
purple rain2
I only want 3
only want3
in the2
Guitarist he kisses in the movie/video:1
woo hoo oooo3
woo hoo1
woo hoo oooo3
woo hoo uhoo3
woo hoo oooo3
Person he dedicated this song to:1

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