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Can you name the network TV shows in the Fall 1989 prime time line-up?

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SlotTV ShowType/Actor
ABC SUN 7:00Drama - Kellie Martin
ABC SUN 8:00Comedy/Supernatural - Corinne Bohrer
ABC SUN 8:30Comedy - Jahary Bennett
ABC SUN 9:00Movie
CBS SUN 7:00Current Affairs - Morley Safer
CBS SUN 8:00Crime/Drama - Angela Lansbury
CBS SUN 9:00Movie
FOX SUN 7:00Crime/Drama - Richard Grieco
FOX SUN 8:00Crime/Drama - John Walsh
FOX SUN 8:30Reality/Comedy - Steve Nave
FOX SUN 9:00Comedy - Christina Applegate
FOX SUN 9:30Comedy - Mary Page Keller
FOX SUN 10:00Comedy/Music - Title Performer, Dan Castellaneta
FOX SUN 10:30Comedy - Title Perfomer, Molly Cheek
NBC SUN 7:00Family/Anthology - Michael Eisner
NBC SUN 8:00Comedy/Family - Stephanie Beacham
NBC SUN 8:30Comedy/Family - Paul Reiser
NBC SUN 9:00Movie
ABC MON 8:00Action/Adventure - Richard Dean Anderson
ABC MON 9:00Sports - Frank Gifford
CBS MON 8:00Comedy/Family - Gerald McRaney
CBS MON 8:30Comedy - Jeffrey Jones
CBS MON 9:00Comedy - Candace Bergen
CBS MON 9:30Comedy - Jon Cryer
CBS MON 10:00Comedy - Delta Burke
CBS MON 10:30Comedy - Title Character, Tom Poston
FOX MON 8:00Crime/Drama - Johnny Depp
FOX MON 9:00Drama/Sci-Fi - Gary Graham
NBC MON 8:00Comedy/Sci-Fi - Max Wright
NBC MON 8:30Comedy/Family - Jason Bateman
SlotTV ShowType/Actor
NBC MON 9:00Movie
ABC TUE 8:00Comedy - Tony Danza
ABC TUE 8:30Comedy/Drama - Fred Savage
ABC TUE 9:00Comedy - Title Character, John Goodman
ABC TUE 9:30Comedy - Jackie Mason
ABC TUE 10:00Drama - Ken Olin
CBS TUE 8:00Reality/Drama - William Shatner
CBS TUE 9:00Drama/Crime - Jack Scalia
CBS TUE 10:00Drama - Richard Chamberlain
NBC TUE 8:00Drama/Crime - Andy Griffith
NBC TUE 9:00Drama/Crime - Carroll O'Connor
NBC TUE 10:00Drama/Crime - Gary Cole
ABC WED 8:00Comedy/Family - Alan Thicke
ABC WED 8:30Comedy - Robin Givens
ABC WED 9:00Comedy/Drama - Neil Patrick Harris
ABC WED 9:30Comedy - Jamie Lee Curtis
ABC WED 10:00Drama/War - Dana Delany
CBS WED 8:00Drama - Lindsay Wagner
CBS WED 9:00Drama/Crime - William Conrad
CBS WED 10:00Dram/Crime - Ken Wahl
NBC WED 8:00Reality/Mystery - Robert Stack
NBC WED 9:00Comedy - Harry Anderson
NBC WED 9:30Comedy - Harvey Korman
NBC WED 10:00Action/Sc-Fi - Scott Bakula
ABC THU 8:00Action/Adventure - Peter Graves
ABC THU 9:00Western - Josh Brolin
ABC THU 10:00Current Affairs - Diane Sawyer
CBS THU 8:00Current Affairs - Dan Rather
CBS THU 9:00Drama - William Katt
CBS THU 10:00Drama - Joan Van Ark
SlotTV ShowType/Actor
NBC THU 8:00Comedy/Family - Title Character, Phylicia Rashad
NBC THU 8:30Comedy - Lisa Bonet
NBC THU 9:00Comedy - Ted Danson
NBC THU 9:30Comedy - Judd Hirsch
NBC THU 10:00Drama/Legal - Susan Dey
ABC FRI 8:00Comedy/Family - John Stamos
ABC FRI 8:30Comedy/Family - Jaleel White
ABC FRI 9:00Comedy - Bronson Pinchot
ABC FRI 9:30Comedy/Family - Bill Kirchenbauer
ABC FRI 10:00Current Affairs - Barbara Walters
CBS FRI 8:00Comedy - Tim Reid
CBS FRI 9:00Drama - Larry Hagman
CBS FRI 10:00Drama - Jane Wyman
NBC FRI 8:00Drama/Action - David Hasselhoff
NBC FRI 9:00Action/Crime - John Ashton
NBC FRI 10:00Crime/Drama - Robert Loggia
ABC SAT 8:00Comedy/Family - Christopher Hewett
ABC SAT 8:30Comedy - Leah Remini
ABC SAT 9:00Mystery/Crime (rotating) - Peter Falk, Telly Savalas, Lou Gossett Jr, Burt Reynolds
CBS SAT 8:00Western - Lee Horsley
CBS SAT 9:00Drama/War - Stephen Caffrey
CBS SAT 10:00Current Affairs - Connie Chung
FOX SAT 8:00Reality/Action - Harry Newman
FOX SAT 8:30Current Affairs - No host
FOX SAT 9:30Current Affairs - Susan Hunt
NBC SAT 8:00Comedy - Marla Gibbs
NBC SAT 8:30Comedy - Sherman Hemsley
NBC SAT 9:00Comedy - Betty White
NBC SAT 9:30Comedy - Richard Mulligan
NBC SAT 10:00Crime/Action - Fred Dryer

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