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Isn't he the greatest? In every interview I've seen he seems like such a charismatic humanitarian.
I am woman, hear me SMASH!!!
I'll pretend I'm at the Valentine's Day feeler up dance and all the boys can't keep their hands off me!
What do you want with a rocket ship? What business do you have on Mars?
If I'm going to be evil with you, I need to be evil with ALL of you!
You are not permitted to touch!
Granger, don't you have somewhere else to be?
You're like this guy who's just around all the time when I don't need a guy around. You're just this spare guy all the time. The spare dude. You're such a spare!
I'm not a night troll! I'm a little girl!
Does no one want a Red Vine? Has the world gone insane?
Alright gang, I'll ignore that some of you are late if you ignore that I'm the latest.

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