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A- the last name of the star of 'Light of our Love'
B- Name of the dead homeowner who owned Iggy the iguana
C- Name of the sea monster from 'Danger on Deception Island'
D- The secretary of the tornado chase team from Canute College
E- Name of the Penvellyn who was burned at the stake for being acused of witchcraft
F- Mascot of Paseo del mar Highschool
G- Name of the carousel horse that was stolen in 'The Haunted Carousel'
H- Last name of the dead miner and train owner in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon'
I- The host country for 'The Haunting of Castle Malloy'
J- The name of the Australian model in 'Danger by Design'
K- the name of Rachael Hubberd's twin sister
L- The flower that the inn was named after in 'Secret of the Old Clock'
M- Last name of the dead gangster and owner of the dogs in 'Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake'
N- The first variety of puzzle that Rentaro gives Nancy in 'Shadow at the Water's Edge'
O- One of the lessons taught by Takae in 'Shadow at the Waters Edge'
P- The king whose jade carving is stolen in 'Secret of the Scarlet Hand'
Q-First name of the bug scientist from 'The Creature of Kapu Cave'
R- Last name of the owners of shadow ranch
S- The card game played in 'The Phantom of Venice'
T- Whare Anja works in 'The Captive Curse' beginning with the word 'the'
U- What Nancy gives to the monkies in place of a ball in 'Ransom of the Seven Ships'
V- The last name of a bandit in the 1880s was in the plot for 'Message in a Haunted Mansion', he also married Lizzie Applegate
W- Name of the castle in 'Treasure in the Royal Tower'
X- this letter is in the first name of the owner of the antique shop in 'Alibi in Ashes' his name is-
Y- First name of the ski champion in 'White Wolf of Icicle Creek'
Z- The name of the gas station in 'Secret of the Old Clock'
Bonus- Name the one game (1-25) that was not mentioned in this sporcle

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