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Symptoms and SignsDiagnosis
40 year old female: intense sharp upper abdominal pain, especially after a fatty meal; fever, chills, jaundice
60 year old male: dry cough; weight loss; fatigue; loss of appetite; smoker
55 year old male: sputum-producing cough; short of breath on exertion; enlarged chest; appears slightly blue; increased breathing rate; smoker
2 year old male: multiple large bruises; swollen joints; tooth bleeds; normal bleeding time tests
14 year old male: fever, coughing up blood and yellow sputum; chest pain; shortness of breath; decreased breath sounds on left lower lung field; rales heard on auscultation
56 year old female: pain when inhaling deeply; cough; haemoptysis (coughing blood); shortness of breath; left leg pain; recently returned from overseas
12 year old female: fever; muscle aches; other flu-like symptoms (feeling unwell, nausea etc); neck stiffness; sensitivity to light
28 year old female: severe lower abdominal pain; has missed her last period; pain while urinating and some blood present in urine
30 year old male: spasms of abdominal pain; nausea; vomiting; diarrhoea; began after a visit to a fast food outlet, ate too much so took an antacid
45 year old male: chest pain on mild exertion - tightness, crushing pain; shortness of breath on mild exertion; ankle swelling; needs to sleep propped up on a few pillows
62 year old female: dull lower abdominal ache; constipation; passing of pencil thin stools; sometimes stools appear black and tarry; weight loss and loss of appetite; fatigue; appe
70 year old male: swollen knee, knee pain, much greater when weight put on it and worse at night; knee stiffness

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