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Can you name the president by the legislation he passed?

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Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
Americans with Disabilities Act
Tariff Act
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Dependent and Disability Pensions Act
Alien and Sedition Acts
Tariff of Abominations
Resumption of the Specie Act
Federal Trade Commission
Treaty of Washington
Residence Act
Tenure of Office Act
Independent Treasury Act
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Dingley Act
Social Security Act
Civil Rights Act
Federal Aid Highway Act
The Oregon Treaty
Sheppard-Towner Act
Non-Intercourse Act
Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act
Newlands Reclamation Act
Fugitive Slave Act
Embargo Act
Family and Medical Leave Act
Emancipation Proclamation
Indian Removal Act
The Webb-Kenyon Interstate Liquor Shipments Act
No Child Left Behind Act
Chinese Exclusion Act
Taft-Hartley Act
Education for All Handicapped Children Act
Kellogg-Briand Pact
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Missouri Compromise
Clean Air Act
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Interstate Commerce Act
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Immigration Reform and Control Act

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