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DiscriptionIncantationType of Magic
Makes invisible inkCharm
Inflicts intense pain on the victimUnforgivable Curse
Locks the victim's legs togetherCurse
Creates a ray of light as bright as the sunCharm
Makes flowers and plants bloom in an instantCharm
Causes confusion among the victimCharm
Glues the subject's tongue to the roof of their mouthJinx
Levitates and moves an objectSpell
Causes people/things to be hurled backwardsSpell
Causes steps to flatten and form a ramp, slide, or chuteCharm
Causes the object/person in a vanishing cabinet to pass to its twinCharm
Turns off light produced by lumosCounterspell
Makes an enlarged object smallerCharm
Used to kill or blast back large spider speciesCurse
Negates spells or the effects of spellsProtection Spell
Warns of approaching enemiesProtective Charm
Breaks objectsCurse
Causes minor jinxes to rebound upon the attackerCharm
Temporarily binds the victim's bodyCurse
Clears the target's airway, if blockedCharm
Makes yellow flowers sprout from the victim's headCharm
Turns a person's hair into antlersHex
Ties someone up with ropesConjuration
Causes the echo of the last spell cast to emanateCharm
Creates a jet of clear water, then allows the caster to control itConjuration Charm
Sends a ball of fire from the wandSpell
Causes animals (such as birds) to attackCurse
Opens up a chestCharm
Inflates objects (living or dead)Jinx
Creates flares to shoot from the wandSpell
Renders target immobileCharm
Turns animals to water gobletsTransfiguration Spell
Used to hide a memory of an eventCharm
Affixes an object to another like glueSpell
Leaves fiery marks upon objectsConjuration
Levitates objectsCharm
Siphons matter from a surfaceCharm
Causes deep gouges to appear an objectTransfiguration Charm
Used to summon objectsCharm
Dangles the victim upside-down by their anklesJinx
Kills the victimUnforgivable Curse
Creates a bolt of white light from the tip of the wandCharm
Lifts the caster high into the airCharm
A powerful shield against dark magicCharm
Causes an object to show hidden secretsCharm
DiscriptionIncantationType of Magic
Animates statues and suits of armorTransfiguration
Duplicates the object cast uponSpell
Allows the caster to go into the mind of the victimSpell
Brings someone out of unconsciousnessCounter-curse (of the Stunning Spell)
Makes the victim inflate, then explode into hundreds of bubblesTransfiguration Spell; Charm
Makes the victim bald or vanishes their hatCurse
Causes a snake to smolder into ashesCounter-Curse
Used to fight a boggartSpell
Heals minor injuriesSpell
Conjures an inanimate objectSpell
Creates an intense beam of light that can lock on to targetsCharm
Causes the target to become covered in painful boilsCurse
Tears the targetCharm
Transfigures objects into birdsTransfiguration
Levitates and moves bodiesSpell
Causes items to pack themselves into a trunkCharm
Causes any targeted object to move downwardsSpell
Turns the target into stoneTransfiguration
Makes a bouquet of flowers appear from a wandConjuration
A strong blast of wind to push objects out of the wayJinx
Causes a small explosionCharm
Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tipCharm
Causes wounds and gashes to heal and blood return to the victimSpell
Causes the victim's legs to dance uncontrollablyJinx
Stuns victim; can put them unconsciousDueling Charm
Disarms other wizardsCharm
Creates a bandage and splintCharm
Used to swell the victim's skullHex
Shoots an object into the airSpell
Locks a doorCharm
Creates a flock of birds out of the wandConjuration
Turns an object into a portkeyCharm
Used to repair objectsCharm
Shoots a ball of light at a targetCharm
Causes a temporary gap through magical barriersSpell
Shrinks the target's headHex
Used to erect a tent or other structureCharm
Can freeze thingsCharm
Makes the victim vomit slugsCharm
Shoots green sparks out of the wandHex
Used to change one's hair color and styleCharm
Places immense downward pressure upon the targetTransfiguration Charm
Pushes the target (may knock them down if casted repeatedly)Jinx
Causes objects to explode into flamesCurse
Reveals human presenceCharm
DiscriptionIncantationType of Magic
Used to send the target to a certain locationCharm
Glues one's shoes to the groundTransfiguration Spell
Fills people's ears with a buzzing to keep them from hearingCharm
Makes the subject release whatever it is holdingJinx
Turns statues of dragons into real dragonsTransfiguration
Magnifies the caster's voiceCharm
Conjures a serpent from the wandConjuration
Produces a jet of waterConjuration Charm
Causes an object to move around at the will of the casterCharm
Causes the victim to sneeze for a short period of timeHex
Used to slow down an object in motionCharm
Creates an invisible cushioned areaCharm
Can repel dementors or lethifolds; can send messagesCharm
Causes objects to swell in sizeCharm
Turns a person into an insect for a short timeHex
Causes weather effects caused by jinxes to ceaseCharm
Allows the wand to act as a compassSpell
Trips, freezes, binds, or pushes back the victimJinx
Produces fireConjuration
Turns small objects into real rabbitsTransfiguration Spell
Forces an object to shrinkCharm
Causes a large explosionTransfiguration Charm
Transfigures the target into a duckSpell
Causes the victim's clothing to combustConjuration
Causes a tickling sensationCharm
Places the subject under the will of the casterUnforgivable Curse
Slashes the victim with an imaginary swordCurse; Dark Magic
Counteracts levicorpusJinx
Launches small objects through the airCharm
Used to open and unlock doorsCharm
Changes the color of one's clothingCharm
Cleans up slime left by certain ghostsCharm
Makes a magically magnified voice return to normalCharm
Used to clean somethingCharm
Makes something repel substances and outside forcesCharm
Makes something vanishTransfiguration
Makes the victims teeth grow rapidlyHex
Can heal a broken bone (claims Lockhart)Healing Spell
Makes something silentCharm
Produces a rope that pulls the object to the casterCharm
Erases images and magical after-effectsSpell
Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyesSpell
Causes the statue of the humpbacked witch to open the passageway to HoneydukesSpell
Conjures the Dark MarkCurse

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