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What 50's tv show causes Rory and Dean to get in a fight?
What food does Rory forget to bring back for Lorelai after she breaks up with Dean?
What team does Lane join that surprises Rory?
Finish the lyric: Grab your brush and grab your rollers
What is Rory's middle name?
Green is the new..
What is Lorelai's middle name?
How did Lorelai say goodbye to everyone at Lane's wedding party?
What false name did Lorelai use when subscribing to catalogues?
What was Dean's little sisters name?
What was the Life and Death brigades motto?
What did the shirt Kirk created regarding the Poe convention say?
What is Luke's daughters name?
Who was Luke's daughters mother?
Who does Rory go on the campaign trail with at the end of the series?
What college does Rory plan on going to until senior year?
What were Rory's PSAT scores?
Where do Lorelai's parents live?
What was the name of the Chilton headmaster
Who sings the theme song?
Who proposes to Rory?
What country do Lorelai and Christopher travel to?
What is Christopher's daughters name?
What is the name of Lane's band?
What are Lane's twins names?

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