Man or Woman: Historical Accomplishments

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Can you name the correct gender for each historical accomplishment?

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Historical AccomplishmentGender(type m or w)Person
Staged peaceful protests against British imperialism in India
Freed over 300 slaves via the Underground Railroad
Led the battle of Orleans during the Hundred Years War
First solo flight across Atlantic Ocean
Advocated against segregation in South Africa
Founded the Theory of Evolution
Started the Alabama Bus Boycott
Unified Germany
Longest reigning English monarch
Invented the lightbulb
Historical AccomplishmentGender(type m or w)Person
Wrote The Tale of Genji (world's first novel)
Founded the American Red Cross
Sewed the American flag
Wrote the 95 Theses
Discovered radium
Implemented the New Deal to help end Great Depression
Led the South American Revolution
Guided Lewis and Clark expedition
Painted the Mona Lisa
Wrote Frankenstein

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