MLB Team Hats by Description

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Can you name the MLB teams with the hat information provided?

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MLB Team Hats InformationTeam
A navy Old English style D
A snake
The letters: T,B
The letter: S with a compass and a baseball
The letters: S,O,X-diagonally, and bunched together
The letter: M (script) with a sprig of barley under it
The letter: C (white)
The letters: A,S with a apostraphie
A face with a feather on top
The letters: T with a C around it
An eight sided star
The letters: S with a D around it
The letters :N,Y crossed together (blue and white)
The letter: B
The letters: L,A crossed together
MLB Team Hats InformationTeam
The letters: S,F crossed together
The letters: N,Y crossed together (orange and blue)
The letter: P (white)
The head of a blue bird
The letter: C (red)
The letters: S,T,L crossed together
The letters: K,C connected
The letter: W (script)
The letter: T
The letter: A (script)
The letter: F with a fish around it
The letter: P (yellow)
The letter: A with a circle around the top
The letters: C,R crossed together
An orange bird

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