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Can you name the Vinny Testaverde Facts?

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Drafted Overall
Won Heisman Trophy (Year)
Draft Year
Drafted By
NFL Seasons
2nd Team Played For (1993-1995)
3rd Team Played For (1996-1997)
4th Team Played For (1998-2003, 2005)
5th Team Played For (2004)
6th Team Played For (2006)
7th Team Played For (2007)
Number Worn
Number Worn
Number Worn
First Pro Bowl Appearance (Year)
Second Pro Bowl Appearance (Year)
Career Wins
Career TD Passes
Career Interceptions
Times Sacked (Career)
Career Passing Yardage
Career Passing Yardage (All-Time Rank)
Career Playoff Games
Threw TDs to How Many Different Players
Player Who Caught the Most TDs

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