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Forced Order
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Braless Wonder
A Chef In Korea
Obsessed With Superman
Native American Woman
Works For Duncan
Jerry's Cousin
George's Secretary As A Yankee
Yankees Owner
Soup Nazi
Kramer's Alter Ego For Various Purposes
Jerry's Mother
Kramer's Mom
George's Boyhood Neighbor
Ovaltine Hack
Judge In The Case In Massachusetts
He Who Had Relations With John Cheever
Victim Of The Big Race
Non-Cuban Communist
Woman Whose Marble Rye Is Stolen
Owns A Catalog Named For Him
Jerry's Uncle
Elaine's Boss At Pendant Publishing
Owns A Smoothing Company
Invented The Executive
Elaine's Father
He Who Takes The Virgin's Virginity
Owner Of The Astronaut Pen
Keeps Crackers In His Briefcase
Owns A Fruit Stand
Maid From Jamaica
George's Mother
Boss For Whom Elaine Runs Errands
Elaine's Alter Ego At The Catalog
Kramer's Friend Who Is Never Seen
Bra Salesman
Deported To Pakistan
Ballplayer Elaine Dates
The Virgin
Looks Like A Manequin
Poisoned By Envelope Glue
Library Cop
Bubble Boy
Dentist Who Violates His Patients
Crazy Clown
Dates His Cousin
Kramerica Industries Intern

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