Pokemon Alphabet #3

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Can you name the Pokemon for each letter that meets the specifications?

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LetterPokemonSpecifications [# of possible answers]
AOne of the Pokemon's types start with the letter 'F'. [4]
BIt is a dual-type Pokemon, where one type is Water. [2]
CIts name starts with 'Ca' and ends with an 'a'. [2]
DIt is a Ground or Ice-type Pokemon and is from Generation 2. [2]
EThe second-last letter in its name is an 'o'. [3]
FIts National Dex number is in the range: 160-180. [3]
GIts Sinnoh Dex number is in the range: 160-210. [4]
HIt is a pure-type Pokemon, but is not a Fighting-type Pokemon. [6]
IIt is not from Generation 1 or 2. [2]
JIt has an incident of 'uf' in its name. [2]
KIts name has a 'y' in it. [2]
LAll of its evolutions begin with 'L' as well. [3]
MIt is a Fighting-type Pokemon, and only 2 stages are in its family. [4]
LetterPokemonSpecifications [# of possible answers]
NIt is not a Bug, Fire, Flying, Grass, or Poison-type Pokemon. [1]
OThe third and second-last letter in its name is an 'i'. [1]
PIts name has two 'i's in it. [4]
QA letter is repeated in its name. [2]
RIt is a Normal-type Pokemon, and the fourth letter in its name is an 'i'. [2]
SIt is a pure-Grass type Pokemon. [6]
TIts name has a 'w' in it. [3]
UIts name has no more than two vowels in it. [1]
VIt is from Generation 1 and is not a Poison-type Pokemon. [3]
WThere are two repititions of a letter in its name. (Ex. 'aa' and 'pp' in its name.) [3]
XYou know what it is..soo..spell it backwards! [1]
YIt has a 'g' in its name. [1]
ZIts name does not share any of the same letters with its type(s). [2]

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