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Can you name the Pokémon for each letter that meets the specifications?

Updated Sep 24, 2015

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LetterPokemonSpecifications [# of possible answers]
AIts name consists of 8 letters. [6]
BIt's a Steel-type Pokémon. [5]
CIt's a Johto starter Pokémon. [2]
DIt's a Legendary Pokémon. [3]
EThe first 2 letters of its name are 'Ex'. [4]
FIt's only a Water-type Pokémon. [6]
GIt's an evolution of a starter Pokémon. [3]
HIt's a Fire-type Pokémon and/or a Dark-type Pokémon. [7]
IIt's a dual-type Pokémon. [4]
JIt's a Psychic-type Pokémon. [2]
KThe last letter in its name is 'a'. [4]
LIts name does not have an 'a' in it. [15]
MIt's a Ground-type Pokémon. [3]
NIt's a Flying-type Pokémon. [5]
OIt's not a Rock-type Pokémon. [3]
PIt's a dual-type Pokémon; one type being Water. [4]
QIt's not a Water-type Pokémon. [2]
RIt's an Electric-type Pokémon. [3]
SIt's a Ground-type Pokémon. [8]
TIt does not evolve, or is not an evolution of another Pokémon. [7]
UIt's an evolution of another Pokémon. [3]
VIt's a Normal, Dragon, or Ground-type Pokémon. [2]
WIts name has an incident of 'ee' in it. [3]
XIt's a Legendary Pokémon. [1]
YIt's an evolution of another Pokémon. [1]
ZIt's a Normal-type Pokémon. [2]

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