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Can you name the Questions about Brian Smith by the real Brian Smith?

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 a. 15 b. 16 c. 21 d. 17
 a. Basketball b. Lacrosse c. Football d. Baseball
 a. Killian Mitchell b. Jake Caplan c. Andy Westwood d. Joe Puglisi
 a. Samantha b. Shannon c. Penny d. Rachel
 a. Modern Warfare 2 b. Halo 3 c. Fallout 3 d. Call of Duty 4
 a. Knicks b. Celtics c. Nets d. 76ers
 a. Big y b. Supreme Seafood c. Stop & Shop d. CT Sportsplex
 a. Godiva b. Buddy c. Hunter d. Leapold
 a. Avenged Sevenfold b. Nickelback c. Rise Against d. System of a Down
 a. Redsox b. Orioles c. Phillies d. Cardinals
 a. Pencils b. Guitars c. Teachers d. Backpacks
 a. Dolph Ziggler b. Tyson Kidd c. Alex Riley d. Jinder Mahal
 a. Will Coleman b. Eddie Miller c. Albert Mirto d. Mike Kaiser
 a. Sheppards Pie b. Calzone c. Bowties d. Chicken Wrap
 a. 8 b. 1 c. 4 d. 9
 a. Paulie Speranza b. Frank Loudano c. Colby Miller d. Rob Mollahan
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