Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update

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Can you name the Weekend Update anchors by their memorable quote?

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QuoteWeekend Update AnchorYears
'I'm (Anchor) and your not'75-76
'Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow'76-80
'Good night and watch out'80-81
'Good night and good news'81-82
'Good evening, and what can I tell ya?' 'That's the news, and I am outta here!' 85-91
'I'm (Anchor), and that's news to me'91-94
'I'm (Anchor), and now for the fake news' 'That's the way it is.'94-97
'That's my story, and I'm sticking to it'97-2000
'Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow' (throw a pencil)2000-2004
'Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow'2004-2006
'Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow' 'Really!?! With (Anchor) & (Anchor)'2006-2008
'From Weekend Update, I am (Anchor)! Good Night !'2008-Present

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