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I love my boy( x4) Everybody scream!
Bling Bling like LED
Yo, let me show you something. Girls, you ready?
You should be my lady
Hey baby my little honey came from heaven right here to save me
I call you butterfly
Time is tickin’, T-Time is tickin’ away…
Hey! Don't bring me down
Tell me tell me tell me you love me too love me too
24/7 you are everlasting heaven
Oh my Super girl, you are my Baby girl
Call me call me now
I’m gonna be a bad bad boy
Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you (x4)
DJ! put it back on
Lala lalala lala Pretty baby. Lala lalala lala Be my lady
Let’s roll baby! Mmm OK!
Do you love her? Do you love her?
Boy you have got to be the finest thing in history
Come on everybody show them how we do

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