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lyricsong title
Here I am standing on my own, not a motion from the telephone
Please Mom, you ground me all the time
I'm just a bastard child don't let it go to your head
And she's so smart and independent I don't think that she needs me
When you smile I melt inside
Sometimes I don't feel the same way as you feel
So here I am I'm trying
lyricsong title
I whistle good I'm kinda straight
Blackjack and architect let's drink ourselves to death
Fate fell short this time your smile fades in the summer
I'll never let you down boy, I'll never let you go
I must have done something wrong or maybe pissed off God
When we said we were gonna move to Vegas I remember the look your mother gave us
You're cold with disappointment while I'm drowning in the next room
lyricsong title
she's a dove, she's a f***ing nightmare
I said I was the cops and your husband's in jail
You're always too loud everything's too loud
And then I saw her standing there with green eyes and long blonde hair
I kind of like the little rush you get when you're standing close to death
I reached for a shooting star and it burned a hole through my hand

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