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Tuner w/ a thick mustache
Drove a red RX-8 w/ Reina 1 time
Previous driver of Devil Z before Akio (full name!)
His story in DX is around chapter 81-85
Driver of yellow Z32 (full name!)
Driver yellow FD
Gen Sasaki
Driver of silver JZA80
Tuner of Kijima's white FC
Which you race them start from 4km behind
The kid who appears w/ white FD driver
He appears only in 10-Outrun mode in WMMT3
Father of pink S15 (female) driver
Driver R33 white, outruned by Reina
Driver of 'Dragon' R32
Sonoda & friends are members of
Hell's Tuner
Driver of white FD
Driver of Z31
Driver of pink S15 (female)

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