Touring Shamokin Pennsylvania

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Can you name the Popular sites in Shamokin?

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You can go here to get your learning on, or read the local paper, or use a computer.
Thirsty? Visit here for a nice cold beer.
Come here for the best food downtown!
Built in 1927, you can't tour this building but you can see the remains.
Operated for 134 years this colliery makes for the biggest culm bank in the world!
Hot? You wouldn't want to swim here, but it sure is nice to look at.
This amusement park would make a nice contribution to revenue. Too bad it was replaced with schools.
Good on a bike? Visit here.
Probably the best playground around, it features swings, basketball court, soccer nets, and even sometimes reindeer.
Bored on a Fall Friday night? Come on out for the best fries and some good game.
Looking for this? You most likely won't find it in Shamokin anytime soon.

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