Sailor Moon's Weapons in the Manga

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Can you name the Weapons used by Sailor Moon in the Manga?

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Attack(s)WeaponFirst Appearance
Moon Frisbee, Moon Twilight FlashAct 1 - Usagi - Sailor Moon
Moon Healing EscalationAct 5 - Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
Silver Moon Crystal Eternal PowerAct 9 - Serenity - Princess
Moon Princess HalationAct 14 - Black Moon Koan - Sailor Mars
Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Rainbow Moon HeartacheAct 23 - Saisei - Never Ending
Moon Gorgeous MeditationAct 34 - Yume 1 - Nisshoku Dream
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy KissAct 42 - Yume 9 - Earth and Moon Dream

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