Matt Bellamy's Manson Guitars

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Can you name the Manson Guitars used by Matt Bellamy?

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Years UsedCommonly Known AsA.K.A, Other info
2001-PresentA.K.A. Black Manson, Blackie
2001-PresentUsed for Citizen Erased only
2001-2005A.K.A. Industrial Disease, Silver
2002-2007Built in lasers
2003-2006Built in midi strip
2004-PresentBest known for use during Plug In Baby
2006-PresentA.K.A. Silver Bomber
2006-PresentFirst guitar to have a Korg Kaoss Pad built in to it
Years UsedCommonly Known AsA.K.A, Other info
2006-2007Thrown at a strobe light and was slpit in half
2007-PresentA.K.A. Son of Delorean, New Delorean
2007-PresentA.K.A. Glitterati
2007-PresentA.K.A. Seattle
2009-PresentUsed only for Undisclosed Desires
2009-PresentA.K.A. Hybrid Jools Manson, M1D1 v2.0
2010-PresentA.K.A. Double-Neck Manson
Never UsedSold to third party. Never used live

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