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Meredith and Dr. Bailey had a patient who needed a bowel replacement. What kind of doll heads did he swallow to cause the surgery?
What was the name of Meredith and Derek's dog?
Why did Izzie cut Deny's LVAD wire?
What was 'really old guy's' name?
What was the bartenders name?
Which character is McDreamy?
What guy has a daugter that he never knew about?
Which character is McSteamy?
What did Meredith's step mom die of?
In the second season, which couple experienced a pregnancy in which the embryo could not be saved?
In the first episode when Izzie became a resident, what animal did she save?
What item did Cristina use to get George out of her and Burke's apartment?
What is the name of the doll Meredith carries around the hospital?
What was Geroge's nickname the other interns gave him?
Ellis says to Meredith, 'He doesn't love her. He can't. But he'll stay with her anyway. She's his wife.' Who was Ellis referring to?
In episode 30, which character said 'I figured we could all use a little juju'
Where did Meredith finally dispose of her mother's ashes?
Why does Thatcher (Meredith's Dad) not want her at Susan's funeral?
What did Addison get one day while walking the dog?
What is Meredith's half sister's name?

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