Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Brick #8)

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The cluueeesssAnswersThis column wont help
?Huff and Puff
?More than 1
?True north or magnetic north?
?If they're under 13 just do them in your head.
?Word Problems! (or reality?)
?Got lazy that time
?Just like chef and chief
?If you don't know, ask anyone
The cluueeesssAnswersThis column wont help
?Don't know if you remember the dispute we had over this freshman year...
?'Dicks' is not a number, try again
?dicks is not the answer for this one, either
?Should be easy, since you're fluent in french
?I know they're all weird, think harder
?haha you didn't get #4, did you?
?you may want to check it out

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