Words that end in '-cide'

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the act of killing a god
a chemical preparation for destroying unwanted creatures
deliberate extermination of a race or ethnic group
the act of killing one's son or daughter
the act of killing of one's father
a compound of two elements, one of which is where microchips are made from
a commercial birth-control preparation, usually a cream or jelly
the act of causing an abortion
a substance used for destroying organisms such as mushrooms
a substance or preparation for killing plants, especially weeds
the act of killing of one's mother
to determine or settle (something in dispute or doubt)
an agent that is destructive to cells
the intentional taking of one's own life
the killing of one human being by another
a substance or agent used to kill worms
the act of killing of a baby or very young child
a substance for killing six-legged creatures

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