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Can you name the countries by their full names according to the incomplete ones given?

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Official NameCountry
Sultanate of ________
________ Confederation
Grand Duchy of ________
________ Federation
Socialist Republic of ________
________ Arab Republic
Most Serene Republic of ________
The Plurinational State of ________
Federated States of ________
Bolivarian Republic of ________
People's Democratic Republic of ________
United Republic of ________
Official NameCountry
Co-operative Republic of ________
Great Socialist People's ________ Arab Jamahiriya
________ People's Democratic Republic
________ of America
Union of the ________
Commonwealth of the ________
State of ________ Darussalam
Hashemite Kingdom of ________
________ of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Federative Republic of ________
United ________ States

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