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Reworded SongActual Song
Which one is insane?
A harmonious noise of which there is no rememberance
A divine master and a young female who is nowhere to be found
The thought that this motion picture has been presented to me on a previous date
To once again think that something will be prosperous
The electric volts that do not occur until the initial performance has already taken place
An expression of continuity after a brief break from the matter that was discussed
A certain shattering
An orb is accounted for
A not-so-special event that occurs every 24 hours
My doctor treating my mental illness with medication and the person receiving the vitamins
To find another who's education is inferior to your own or to think that your education is not enough
Another person is not as educated as yourself
I have reason to think of myself as the alpha
An expression of uncertainty or the urge to be a neighbor to normalcy
A brilliant, clear glow
The desire to be where I am
To decide on a matter
The feeling that something may be positive
A small portion of story before the beginning
Flawless when observed by one who is not yourself
Reworded SongActual Song
I have been in existence
I am not a deceased corpse
Webster's defines this as something that will or will not be done
To believe that the current status is on a higher tier then what it once was
I have an unhindered yearning for peaks and cliffs of great height
The disbelief that something could not be remembered
The ability for you to capture a second toppled self
Instants followed by many compilations 365 days
To arrive at another conclusion
Extra circumstances that may or may not be mentioned
To receive me after my collapse
To question the reason of the refusal to move
Greetings of the primal variety
A male is not at this present location
A triplication of acknowledgements
I had a fantasy of movement to melodious vibrations
The belief that you are again without fault to another person
To once again be able to breath
A second belief that I have a being as the first.
A shining object interrupts the otherwise black atmosphere
Salutations of a duplexity

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