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Spell's EffectIncantation
Unlocking Charm
Levitation Charm
Leg-Locker Curse
Full-Body Bind
Stops Pixies (Never worked)
Disarming Charm
Tickling Charm
Causes Uncontrollable Dancing
Negates Spells
Conjours a Serpent
Shows Invisible Ink
Creates Light
Memory Charm
Launches Small Objects
Boggart-Stopping Spell
Impervius Charm
Opens Secret Passages
Moves Trees
Patronus Charm
Counter to 'Creates Light'
Creates Bandages/Splints
Moves Bodies
Produces Fire
Summoning Charm
Magnifies a Voice
Counter Spell to 'Magnifies a Voice'
Conjours a Dark Mark
Stunning Spell
Shows Last Spell Caster Made
Removes Evidence of Previous Spells
Repairs Broken Objects
Imperius Curse
Engorgement Charm
Cruciatus Curse
Makes Objects Smaller
Killing Curse
Furnunculus Curse
Causes Teeth to Grow
Conjours Flowers
Creates a Flock of Birds
Severing Charm
Releasing Charm
Reductor Curse
Impediment Jinx/Curse
Vanishing Spell
Scouring Charm
Silencing Charm
Creates a Portkey
Allows Caster to Read Minds
Shield Charm
Ties Someone/Something Up
Creates Fiery Marks
Locking Charm
Clears Target's Airway
Heals Minor Injuries
Siphons Material from a Surface
Shows Hidden Magical Properties
Stops Others from Hearing Conversations
Dangles Victim by Ankle
Removes 'Dangles Victim by Ankle'
Cause Objects to Attack
Glues Tongue to Roof of Mouth
Violently Wounds Victim
Restores Consciousness
Creates Water
Blasting Curse
Exploding Charm
Reveals Human-Presence
Creates a Duplicate
Provides Protection from Hexes
Provides Protection to an Area
Muggle-Repelling Charm
Erects Objects
Strengthens Enclosures from Enemies
Creates a Blindfold on One's Eyes
Detaches Objects
Gouging Spell
Creates Protection from Dark Magic
Animates Statues
Makes things Sink/Fall
Changes stairs to slides/ramps
Makes the Object Hard
Confundus Charm
Moves Objects
Stops Weather-Effects
Packs a Trunk
Points Wand North

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