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brassy olive buff above, white below; large, white glossy eyes and sharp teeth; no distinct bars or mottlings on sides, but caudal fin has white tip on lower lobe
silvery-gray above fading to lighter shades on the belly; body marked with dark spots (may be obscure in adults); tail fin deeply forked; may reach lengths of about 20 inches
dark to olive brown with dark brownish mottlings on sides; anal fin is very short and tail fin is square or slightly notched; head broad and flat
golden green sides and back with faint, wavy olive blotches along the sides, 5 olive-green bars radiate back from the red eye and 1 radiates forward
body green-shaded with a broad, continuous dark stripe along each side; belly white to yellowish;
silvery body that shades to green or brown on the back; several (7-9) dark vertical bars on each side and whitish belly; 'hump-backed' with 6 spines in the dorsal fin;
dark olive-green back and sides yellow or reddish below; dark vertical bars usually present on sides; chin and gill covers bright blue; black, flexible tip at rear of gill cover;
usually olive-gray on back with white belly; back crossed with 3-4 dark saddles extending down sides; 2-3 rows of black dots on the anterior dorsal fin; large, glossy eyes.
top portion of back covered with lighter 'worm-like' markings on a darker background; vivid white line on front edge on lower fins; male develops deep yellow-red-crimson coloration
prominent pink-red horizontal stripe along each side; sides and back, dorsal and caudal fins marked with many small black spots; 7-12 inch fish are stocked into streams,
brownish in color, shading to green and yellow; large dark spots on sides surrounded by a yellow 'halo'; fingerlings stocked into streams, weights over 3 pounds are trophy sized
usually blueish-green to gray on back with irregular rows of light yellow or gold spots on sides (color extremely variable); cheek fully scaled, but lower 1/2 of opercle scaleless;
olive to dark gray above, sides lighter with dark spots or bars; upper 1/2 of cheeks and opercle lightly scaled, lower 1/2 of both scaleless;
slender, fine-scaled _____; tinted dark greenish along back; sides with brassy or silvery luster; white belly, lips with numerous wart-like projections
The lake sturgeon is a primitive fish with a cartilaginous skeleton. It has 5 rows of large, prominent bony plates or scutes on its body. A small aperture, the spiracle, is present
______ _____are found in Lake Superior and in many deep, cold, clean northern lakes.
gray to olive on sides and yellowite on belly; robust body that is compressed laterally with a long dorsal fin;
laterally compressed, slab sided spiny rayed; yellow-olive to silvery-yellow along back and sides; yellowish white belly; 6 to 7 prominent dark horizontal stripes along sides

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