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Name of oldest song on Ugly Casanova's 'Sharpen Your Teeth'
Name the only Modest Mouse release to feature the band on its artwork
Isaac Brock's birthdate
What were the bonus tracks in the Japanese version of The Fruit That Ate Itself?
Interstate 8 bonus tracks: 'Live In ________, _______'
Old live recordings of Ocean Breathes Salty use lyrics that are reused in which recent release?
Name 1 of Modest Mouse's original demo tapes
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The first Modest Mouse song to feature the lyric 'All the stars are projectors'
Who plays the sailor with the guitar neck leg in the 'Dashboard' video?
Whose voice is on 'Call To Dial A Song'?
Name the director of the 'Satellite Skin' music video
What kind of packaging did the rare Birds Vs. Worms single have?
To which film has the music video for Ocean Breathes Salty been compared?
Name the song that is about a girl meeting Satan at a truck stop:

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