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B-side of A Life Of Arctic Sounds
Isaac Brock's fiancé
Modest Mouse's experimental EP released in 1997
Modest Mouse's only instrumental release lasting more than 1 minute:
Complete the lyric: 'I'm on the road to God don't know...'
Shelved debut album recorded in 1994 and released in 2001
B-side of King Rat promo
Opening track of The Lonesome Crowded West
Album of rarities and b-sides released in 2000
HintAnswerExtra Info
Modest Mouse was founded in which Washington town?
Number of unique releases on which the track 'I've Got It All (Most)' was released
Modest Mouse's current multi-instrumentalist
Name the band with which the 15-minute single 'Whenever You See Fit' was recorded.
Live bootleg album released in 2004
Modest Mouse's debut EP
Car company for which Modest Mouse licensed song 'Gravity Rides Everything'
Number of tracks in Moon & Antarctica re-release

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