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Isaac Brock's 2002 side project
Name a producer that produced a Modest Mouse release.
The song '3rd Planet' hails from which Modest Mouse album?
Modest Mouse's 2009 collection of b-sides
Modest Mouse's second album
Modest Mouse's drummer during Good News era
'Well all that icing and all that cake I can't make it to your wedding, but I'm sure I'll be at your wake...' Which song?
Modest Mouse's original drummer
HintAnswerExtra Info
Modest Mouse's first single
Modest Mouse's debut album
Modest Mouse's song with a video directed by Heath Ledger
Modest Mouse's bass player
Brass band featured throughout 'Good News...'
Modest Mouse's secondary drummer (2006-present)
Complete the lyric: 'Not like you'd hoped the change would surely come/It'd be awful for most...'

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