Liam & James' faviourote tv shows

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Can you name the Liam & James' faviourote tv shows?

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Gene Hunt?
Matt Smith?
Peirs Morgan?
Andrew Loyde Webber?
Gary Lineker?
Lord Alan Sugar?
Karen, Ben and Jake?
Ramsey Street?
the queen vic?
the stig?
Perry the platypus?
Duncan Bannantyne?
Nick Cutter?
the (something) factor?
Noel Edmunds?
anne robinson?
Christine Blakely?
Aliens in Cardiff?
Jake Humphreys?
David Dickinson?
Big Red Balls?
Central Perk?
Sacred Heart Hospital?
Ant and Dec?
2 adults 1 kid?
The Woolpack?
Jason Bradburry?
Boom Boom?

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