Monsters of Dragon Warrior

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A toughly clad hero of might and magic!
On duty in Hauksness...
It isn't just blue.
It's ALL black.
The big guy!
A bird? Or a bat?
Flying guys that Heal and Hurt.
Dank dungeon-dwellers.
Dank dungeon-dwellers (with talent).
Oversized ticks!
Oversized magical ticks. Yikes.
Wanna get rich quick?
A robot gone wrong.
Can you hear Gwaelin?
He's in shining armour.
Probably the first magic-using baddy you'll face.
Blood red, and out for blood.
They sting with their sleep spells.
Watch out for their tough hides...
Masters of experience.
If I were dead, I'd want a purple face too.
Sinister baddies of Charlock Castle.
Barely better than their other-coloured brothers.
Deadly-strong arachnids!
They might hide in your shoes.
Throw me a bone!
The most ghastly ghost in the game!
Astral avians!
They hit like a ton of bricks.
They're armed with a staff!
They don't need no full moon.
Golden-robed magic users with superior skills.
Big beasts wearing tunics.
Lupines that know how to stop spellcasters in their tracks.
Heal spells make them harsh!
Up for some undead fury?
The ever-fleetly dragon-bird.

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