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Shall we go, you and I while we can
Come to daddy on an inside straight
Sometimes we live no particular way but our own
Spent a little time on the mountain top, spent a little time on the hill
A rare and distant tune
Sun went down in honey, moon came up in wine
It's all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago
I can't help you with your troubles if you won't help with mine
She was too pat to open and too cool to bluff
Wonder who will water all the children of the garden
20 degrees of solitude, 20 degrees in all
And I left his dead ass there by the side of the road
I got no dime but I got time to hear this story
She's a summer love in the spring, fall and winter
I can tell by the mark he left you were in his dream
LyricSong Name
Gone are the days when the ladies said please
I beg of you, don't murder me please
That's the way it's been in town ever since they tore the jukebox down
Everybody's dancing a ring around the sun
Seasons have frozen us into our souls
Tell me all that you know, I'll show you snow and rain
So inviting, the way you're messing with my reason
Just like Wolfman Jack
Truckin' in style along the avenue
We used to play for silver, now we play for life
Wherever he goes the people all complain
Lord, you know they made a fine connection
Great North special, were you on board?
Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
You ask me where the four winds dwell

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