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Option AAnswerOption B
Zero-sum gameZero-sum gain
You’ve got another thing comingYou’ve got another think coming
Case in pointCase and point
Each one worse than the nextEach one worse than the last
Moot pointMute point
On tenterhooksOn tender hooks
Piqued my interestPeaked my interest
Extract revengeExact revenge
One in the sameOne and the same
All walks of lifeAll woks of life
At beck and callAt beckon call
Take a different tackTake a different tact
Option AAnswerOption B
For all intensive purposesFor all intents and purposes
I’m giving you leadwayI’m giving you leeway
I could care lessI couldn’t care less
On accidentBy accident
Nip it in the buttNip it in the bud
No holds barredNo holes barred
Scotch freeScot free
Statue of limitationsStatute of limitations
Old timer’s diseaseAlzheimer’s Disease
Bated breathBaited breath
Hunger pangsHunger pains
Curl up in the fetal positionCurl up in the feeble position

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