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Years 1-7 including 19 years later
I hate Harry, My father bought the whole quidditch team a broomstick and I am in Slytherin
I died to save my son, my sister is Petunia
I was in Slytherin. My girlfriend was in Gryffindor
We are the four creators of the marauders map (our nicknames, in alphabetical order)
We are the creators of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and we ruined my brothers D.A.D.A. O.W.L
I am the boy who lived
I am trusted by Harry. I have two siblings, one is a squib
I am a worthy server of the Minister for Magic, my favourite colour is pink and I became a teacher at Hogwarts because of the Minister for Magic
I am played by Warwick Davis, I am small, I teach a class at Hogwarts
I have a daughter called Victoire, I was a triwizard champion and I have a sister.

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