Habemus Pasta!

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Can you name the 2-word answers to the Italian food-themed questions and solve the thematic metapuzzle?

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Malaysian/Indonesian spiral pasta made a la an Indian-influenced flatbread
Apple Pasta's 2006-2009 ad: 'Hello, I'm ____ ____ and I'm a Pici'
Nickname of the world's deepest jar of Italian tomato sauce
Men's magazine founded in the UK by an American featuring hollow-core pasta pornography, OR a luxury living situation for pasta in Manhattan
The ____ of ____ is a Mesopotamian heroic poem about a flower- or bell-shaped pasta hero who sounds like he can't stop laughing
Mattel Pasta's new line of pasta figurines featuring girls with unbelievable proportions sporting little beards and coiled nests for hair
____ to ____ is NBC's 1987-1988 TV series starring Joseph Bolognese as millionaire Nick Foley, OR someone else's story of later-in-life success obtained through selling pasta sauce
Satirical nickname for a Broadway prize coined by disgruntled actors who complain of tube-shaped pasta voting fraud

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