How Well Do You Know Grant Reed?

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Can you name the Facts About Grant Reed?

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Full Name:
Place of Birth:
The Answer to #4 is Home to One of His Favorite Restaurants Named:
Claims His Favorite Movie is:
But Really it's Probably the Chick Flick:
Least Favorite Food:
Plays Goalie For This Team:
Where He Currently Has ___ Career Shutouts:
Favorite Flavor of Laffy Taffy:
Scared of (don't answer 'nothing' because that is BS):
The Texting Word He Created:
Enjoys This Disgusting Form of 'Music':
When He Grows His Hair Out He Believes It's This Dinner Appetizer:
Wishes His Cute Dog Champ Was a:
Thinks He looks Good In This Color (even though no one does...):
Looks Really Cute In his _____ Scrubs:
Believes Every Woman Should Have a Nice Set of:
Name Of His Super Awesome, Talented, Thoughtful, Smokin' Girlfriend:
The Color Scheme of This Quiz Shows How Much He Loves:

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