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What year did the Titanic go down?
The Captain's name was what?
To the neastest ten thousand, what was her displacement? (tons)
To the nearest hundred, how many people did she have onboard?
Name the first of Titanic's sister ships
And the other...
The Titanic's designation was not HMS, it was...
Where was she built?
Name the company that built her
Name the company that owned her
And the owner/managing director of the company that owned her?
Name the designer
What was her final port of call?
Where did she set sail from? (full maiden voyage)
What was the intended destination?
What was the name of the ship that picked up most of the survivors?
To the nearest hundred, how many lives were lost?
What year was her wreck discovered?
Name the American explorer who discovered the wreck
How many lifeboats did she have? (including 'collapsible' boats)

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