German Navy WWII: The Bismarck Test

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Can you name the salient points relating to Germany's biggest naval disaster of WW2?

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What year was Bismarck's keel laid down?
What year was she launched?
What year was she commissioned?
What year did she sink?
What was her full complement of officers & crew at time of production? (to nearest hundred)
What was her displacement (fully loaded, in tonnes, to the nearest thousand)
Top speed?
Name the famous British ship sunk by Bismarck?
Who allegedly gave the order: 'Sink The Bismarck'?
Name the Fleet Commander (highest rank) onboard Bismarck?
Which German capital ship accompanied Bismarck on her 'break out' into the Atlantic
Which type of aircraft made the crucial sighting of Bismark on 26th May
Which type of aircraft is generally creditied with delivering the blow that ended hope of Bismarck getting to port?
Which part of the ship did this fatal blow hit?
Which aircraft carrier was this late attack launched from?
After that which two battleships drew in for the kill?
Which cruiser picked up most of the surivors
How many live were lost (to the nearest hundred)?
Who discovered the wreck?
In what year was it discovered?

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