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Can you name the missing word in each video game title?

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Atari 2600
Chase the Chuck ______ 
______ Command 
Pole ______ 
______ Invaders 
Custer's ______ 
Castlevania II: ______ Quest 
Ghosts 'n ______ 
The Guardian ______ 
River ______ Ransom 
Yoshi's ______ 
Sega Genesis
Altered ______ 
Dr. ______ Mean Bean Machine 
______ the Dolphin 
Michael Jackson's ______ 
______ Burner II 
Super Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country 3: ______ Kong's Double Trouble! 
Final Fantasy ______ Quest 
______ Attack 
The Legend of Zelda: A ______ to the Past 
______ Paint 
______ Gear Solid 
Harvest Moon: Back To ______ 
Crash ______  
______ Turismo 
Parappa The ______  
______ Ocean 
Monster ______ Tri  
The Legend of Zelda: ______ Princess 
Boom ______ Bash Party 
Lego Star Wars: The ______ Saga 

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