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He offended everyone, irregardless of their race or creed.
Roasting a marshmellow is rarely a simple act.
My best friend lives caddy-corner to me.
My amp electrocuted me yesterday.
It was another one of his hairbrained schemes.
The dog clanged up the rod iron stairway.
Dad was supposably going to take care of that.
He was proberbly most interested in the action movie.
Those two are inseparable--it is like they are yolked together.
Does anyone know who's pizza crust this is?
College students visit the laundry mat all the time.
The magician used slight of hand masterfully.
There was no harm since it was all tongue and cheek.
Everyday SentenceCorrect Word
I would like two shots of expresso in mine, please.
I don't think the statue of limitations has run out yet.
That guy on the street was hocking all kinds of fake watches.
There is nothing like smelling food to wet your appetite.
He was running around butt naked.
We should use a board that is six feet acrossed.
Let's stop worrying about it, since it is a mute point anyway.
Reading on a chaise lounge is much more comfortable.
They were selling shirts and pants, excetera.
There's nothing like a bologna sandwich in the refridgerator.
Mama always said you will reap what you sew.
The cacti in my zeroscape look great.
Put a straightjacket on this crazy fellow immediately!

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