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A - Hosts the famous 'Kop Stand'(Stadium name)
B - Current League sponsor(Company name)
C - The Premier League top four qualify for the...(Competition name)
D - Scorer of the Premier League's first goal(Last name)
E - The fifth placed team qualifies for the...(Competition name)
F - The only ever present Premier League manager(Last name)
G - Famous Merseyside stadium(Stadium name)
H - All time non-English top scorer(Last name)
I - A team in the Premier League's first season(Team name)
J - Opening months of Transfer windows(Month names)
K - Former Liverpool player who went into Premier League management(Last name)
L - One of the few former top flight teams to break the top four(Team name)
M - Regular award for the best performing coach(Award name)
N - A founding member of the Premier League recently promoted again(Team name)
O - Biggest Premier League Stadium(Stadium name)
P - The last English top scorer in one season(Last name)
Q - Club who recently rejoined Premier League(Team name)
R - The chairman of the Premier League(Last name)
S - Top scorer in first Premier League season(Last name)
T - One of the ever present Premier League teams(Team name)
U - The Premier League is a league member of...(Organisation name)
V - Popular current Premier League stadium(Stadium name)
W - Team that created 'The Crazy Gang'(Team name)
X - Former Everton and Liverpool bleached haired defender(Last name)
Y - One half of Manchester United's famous 1990's strike pair(Last name)
Z - Former Chelsea star and West Ham boss(Last name)

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