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What food was all the drama in the woods between Bruce and Jeffrey over?
What is the name of the restaurant where Peter has a stroke?
What group goes to Meg’s school to talk about abstinence?
What movie does Peter take Lois to on their first date?
What is the name of Lois' brother?)
Who does Peter blame the TV outage on?
What’s Meg’s superpower when the Griffins are exposed to toxic waste?
What phrase does Brian use to describe Peter when he bends over while wearing daisy dukes?
What animal does Adam West kill when it ruins his pizza?
What is the name of the restaurant the Griffins start?
What reindeer does Cleveland say he is?
According to Cleveland, a balloon on a mailbox is the international symbol for what?
What film award does Brian win for the dirty movies he directed?
What does Peter call Meg when they’re auditioning to be on Family Feud?
What affliction does Brian give Lauren Conrad?
What state did Brian and Stewie go to to retrieve Rupert?
What camp for fat kids does Lois help at after she is saved by the merman and has amnesia?
What celebrity hires illegal immigrants to strangle him in the shower?
What is the name of Brian’s cousin’s (jasper's) husband?
What building does Peter destroy by mistake along with the billboard by his office?
What board game does Adam West swallow?
What Prince does Meg pretend is her boyfriend?
What type of cake does a fat chick want Peter to eat off of her ass?
What is the name of the British football team Peter plays for?
What is the name of Brian’s novel?
What series of books did Peter write?
What cereal has a violent asian rabbit in one of their commercials?
What show is the cornerstone of PTV's Thursday night lineup?
What did Peter (and then Chris) dress up as to impress their lovers?
In what state does Lois’ sister Carol live?
What did Adam West get after rolling in toxic waste?
Who is the voice of Jillian?
What is the name of Quagmire’s cat?
What group does Peter join because he feels inferior to Chris?
How much money do Meg, Chris, and Stewie find on the sidewalk?
What was the name of the founder of Quahog (not Griffin Peterson)
What is the school Chris goes to when he gets kicked out of public school?

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