Was It Ever a Capital?

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Can you guess whether or not each city was ever a national capital of the given country?

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Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Freeport (Bahamas)
Shanghai (China)
Durban (South Africa)
Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)
Perth (Australia)
Casablanca (Morocco)
Kandahar (Afghanistan)
Calcutta (India)
Galway (Ireland)
Valparaíso (Chile)
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Geneva (Switzerland)
Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Busan (South Korea)
Koror (Palau)
Guayaquil (Ecuador)
Kraków (Poland)
Colombo (Sri Lanka)
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Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Auckland (New Zealand)
Yangon (Myanmar)
Lyon (France)
Monterrey (Mexico)
Kyoto (Japan)
Lagos (Nigeria)
Salalah (Oman)
Uppsala (Sweden)
Utrecht (Netherlands)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Granada (Nicaragua)
Aleppo (Syria)
Vancouver (Canada)
Philadelphia (United States)
Chongqing (China)
Kolonia (Micronesia)

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